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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 3, 2010 2:00pm-4:00pm EST

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someone is targeting military buildings in the middle of the night. so why can't the feds find the shooter? and when could this turn deadly? first, are you sick of hearing about the earthquakes, the tsunamis, the bloodbaths? we're taking you beyond all those political talking points. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. i spent my whole life chasing the american dream. >> republicans score their biggest house victory in nearly 70 years.
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but it's not all bad news for democrats. we'll tell you why. he keeps his seat. she loses her gavel. and he must face a divided congress. >> we just had a tough election. we will have another in 2012. i do hope to make progress on the very serious problems facing us right now. and that's going to require all of us, including me, to work harder at building consensus. >> so what happens tomorrow? but what about 2012? the kettle is whistling as tea party movement candidates win several key races. >> we've come to take our government back. >> but what will they achieve as lawmakers? and some colorful election moments you've got to see. >> they have not heard the last of carl paladino. >> the new york gop
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gubernatorial candidate goes out swinging. and was the sound of victory a tad too loud for this winner's son? there's more where that came from. hi, everyone. i'm brooke baldwin. a lot of ground to cover. you know we just heard from the president really assessing his party's loss of the house of representatives. what happened and where does he go from here? i want to show you mr. obama speaking just a short time ago from the east room of the white house. >> over the last two years we've made progress, but clearly too many americans haven't felt that progress yet. and they told us that yesterday. and as president, i take responsibility for that. what yesterday also told us is that no one party will be able to dictate where we go from here, that we must find common grounds in order to set -- in order to make progress on some uncommonly difficult challenges. and i told john boehner and
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mitch mcconnell last night i am very eager to sit down with members of both parties and figure out how we can move forward together. >> let's look at how we're moving forward. take a look with me. this is the new lay of the land, if you will, in the house where the republicans just needed a gain of 39 seats and they got a little bit more than that. they got at least 60 and still counting here. democrats, though, did manage to keep control of the senate. but if we can momentarily here, i want to take you back to the president. just a short time ago he spoke really to this wave of anti-government rage embodied by the tea party movement. listen. >> i think people started looking at all this and it felt as if government was getting much more intrusive into people's lives thaen they were accustomed to. now, the reason was it was an emergency situation. but i think it's understandable that folks said to themselves
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maybe this is the agenda as opposed to a response to an emergency. and that's something that i think everybody in the white house understood was a danger. we thought it was necessary. but i'm sympathetic to folks who looked at it and said this is looking like potential overreach. >> want to go now to dan lothian. there he is. standing by at the white house. dan, in listening to the president, he suggested he may have learned a lesson through all of this. do we know what lesson that might be? >> reporter: well, i think he learned a very clear lesson, that the american people were very frustrated about the way the economy was going and he couldn't is your mount that. this white house could not communicate clearly and could not give americans what they wanted. and that is the jobs. they wanted to have money in their pocket as the president pointed out to be able to afford the things that they want to buy. but i thought the most memorable moment that came out of this one hour or so press conference is
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when the president finally admitted that he had gotten a shellacking last night. that was perhaps as close to former president bush, when he said it was a thumping that he received when republicans -- when they had suffered big losses in congress. but this president really did not want to bite on whether or not the vote last night was a repudiation of his policies. again, going back to the fact that he believes that americans were driven by the fact that the economy is still bad and that this administration has not moved quickly enough to fix it. the bottom line is the president while he seemed humbled by this experience and took full responsibility for what happened, he didn't appear to signal that he was going to make any big changes going forward. >> so, dan, given the shellacking, president's word, do you -- do they think or really we should say how will they -- because it's not really a question of will they. how will they work with house republicans? >> well, the president was very clear about that saying that
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he's willing to compromise, that both sides really need to compromise in order to move forward and in some areas that will happen in health care reform, the president saying he's willing to take any good ideas from republicans as far as the tax -- extending those tax breaks for the upper tier americans, the president again saying he will sit down with leadership from both sides to figure out good ideas. compromise i think is the key word we'll be watching for. >> we will indeed. thank you for that. now let's talk about and take a good look at the lawmaker, the king lawmaker on capitol hill. >> we're humbled by the trust that the american people have placed in us. and as i said last night, our job is to listen to the american people and follow the will of the american people. it's pretty clear the american people want us to do something about -- >> so that was john boehner. today he is pretty much a lock here to be the new house speaker. before we have move on and hear from him last night, i want to let you know we are staking out right now in the capitol nancy
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pelosi, the outgoing speaker of the house. you can see a packed room. one of the folks in that room is our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. so we're working hard to figure out what happens with nancy pelosi. where does she go from here? meantime here is john boehner just from last night. very emotional. >> let's start right now by recognizing that this is not a time for celebration. it's a time to roll up our sleeves and go to work. we can celebrate when small businesses begin hiring again. we can celebrate when the spending binge here in washington has stopped. and we can celebrate when we have a government that has earned the trust of the people that it serves, when we have a government that honors the constitution and stands up for the values that have made
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america america. things like economic freedom, individual liberty and personal responsibility. listen, i hold these values dear because i've lived them. i've spent my whole life chasing the american dream. >> obviously huge night for john boehner. got a little emotional in part of that speech. but, again, let's go live -- let's take a live picture inside the capitol. here we go. again, watching, waiting -- a little bit of movement in there. we have our own dana bash hot on the trail of nancy pelosi. as soon as we get any kind of movement on that and can bring you hopefully some kind of interview, get dana and get that to you. we have a whole lot more ground
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to cover. take you to this race. republican rick scott won the governor's race in florida. alex sink conceded late this morning. also governor's race in minnesota still too close to call. may be headed for a recount. democrat patty murray locked in this very, very tight battle to hold on to her senate seat in washington state. colorado senate too close to call as well. alaska senate too close to call. write-in candidate lisa murkowski, the incumbent. she lost in the primary. she is leading tea party republican joe miller. she's been a write-in candidate running as an independent. also time to bid farewell to some pretty well known faces around capitol hill. farewell to mr. campaign finance refo reform, senator russ feingold out in wisconsin. lost to tea party republican ron johnson. good-bye to senator blanche lincoln, the two-term democrat
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out in arkansas. also so long to congressman alan grayson, also good for a good sounds bite but lost his house seat from a district that covers orlando, florida. there are a lot of new republicans who very much so now if they're watching -- and some old ones as well. i want to touch on two. one a rising star, florida's marco rubio, tea party movement favorite now headed for the u.s. senate. and if you don't know this guy, it is time to know. this is california's darrell is issa. he is the new mr. subpoena, if you will, the head of the house investigations panel and says he has some questions for the obama administration. we'll wait and watch that. also, tea party, how did the tea party movement do? post election pundits are saying anti-government activism propelled republican wins but tea party losses may have denied the gop a chance in controlling the senate. like sharron angle, a race we
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watched closely. she failed to upend the unpopular harry reid in nevada. he won by about 41,000. losses like christine o'donnell, the tea party favorite got trounced, trounced in delaware. race for new york governor tea party movement's carl paladino got to take the president's word shellacked. to california, jerry brown is a winner and marijuana is a loser there. the former governor moonbeam jerry brown winning his old job back. he beat republican meg whitman. and back to the marijuana bit, prop 19, it was an effort to legalize pot for recreational use. rejected by voters by 54%. congressman pearl mudder headed back to the house. he delivered the pluckiest election night stunt there. also, mr. alvin greene, how about this for some trivia, much ma lined alvin greene actually won 30% of the vote in his
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senate race in south carolina. did you know that? also some trivia for you for dinnertime. he has unveiled today an action comic book featuring none other than himself and you are officially caught up. dan lothian again, thank you. so the tea party movement has some real estate officially on capitol hill. what's next here? we know they can campaign. but can they govern? also, now, d.c. area investigators have serious problems on their hands. you have this mystery shooter or should say shooters. hit a fifth building and the motive here still unknown. more on the investigation, new details there. that is next.
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here we go. yet another shooting at a military facility. this time not the marines. it has been targeted in the past. this is a coast guard recruiting station in virginia. this makes five shootings in two weeks. homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve has new information for us. i know they've been going through some of the ballistic tests in all five of the shootings. what have they been able to confirm? >> reporter: the fbi is saying this afternoon all five shootings are indeed linked. as you mentioned there was the one just yesterday at a coast guard recruiting station in woodbridge, virginia. there were four previous to that, two at the marine corps, virginia, in quantdicnic in qua. after the first four the fbi said they felt it was probably someone with a grievance against the marine corps but this fifth shooting against a coast guard recruiting station.
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we imagine that investigators at this point in time rethinking who might be behind this. no one has been hurt in any of these shootings. the bullets have hit buildings only. and investigators are saying absolutely nothing about the weapon involved here. but they do say they have no suspects at this point in time, brooke. >> we know, other than the fact that they're targeting military buildings other issues they have in common overnight, early morning. no one has been shot at that's being reported. perhaps this is an obvious question and i'm going to ask it. there has to be a fear at some level for the fbi and beyond that the shooter or shooters might turn here from aiming at these buildings to actually aiming at people. >> reporter: certainly that is a concern that they have. i was talking a short time ago, though, with a former fbi profiler who said it's very encouraging that at this point in time it is only buildings that have been shot. perhaps it indicates that this individual wants to avoid
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hitting any people very specifically. but he also cautioned that we shouldn't be too narrow in how we look at this and too formulaic about what may be motivating this person, who this person might be. he said in fact if you do that sometimes you miss important clues on the periphery of an investigation. one thing he did observe, though, he thinks that the shootings at the coast guard recruiting station and the marine corp recruiting station may be the most significant because they show a familiarity with the geography in northern virginia. the other targets -- the marine corps museum, the pentagon are rather iconic buildings but the other two more obscure and may reveal more p this individual. >> perhaps this individual or individuals lives in the area, knows the lay of the land very well. jeanne meserve, homeland security correspondent, thanks for the update. here's a couple of candidates. meg whitman, carly fiorina, linda mcmahon.
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all ran a multibillion dollar businesses but couldn't even come close to closing a deal with voters here. why couldn't they bank roll a win when it counted? we're asking that question. coming up. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. lord of the carry-on. sovereign of the security line. you never take an upgrade for granted. and you rent from national.
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one thing we've spent a fair amount talking about this election year, women. the specter of sarah palin everywhere. republicans ran against nancy pelosi and we had a lot of female candidates this year. i want to continue where we left off. national political correspondent jessica yellin joins me from las
3:21 pm
vegas. we had an awesome conversation yesterday and i wanted to hold you to it. we were talking about several candidates who run these multibillion dollar businesses who had tons and tons of money that they were reporting to their campaigns didn't do so well. >> reporter: they went down to defeat, meg whitman, carly fiorina, linda mcmahon. none of them came close to winning and they were all multimillionaire, maybe multibillionaire -- ran multibillionaire companies in some cases and ran as sort of tough women whos were unam begin length about their ambition and it didn't work for them. compare that to conservative men who helped finance their own campaigns. rick snider who ran in that kind of way in michigan for governor. he won. rick scott in florida same deal for governor. he won. you wonder if there's still a little built of discomfort about very strong women in the public sphere or if it's all about their personal politics. >> let me ask republican
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strategist ed rowlands. what do you make in this situation? we've been wondering if america is made for these self made, self funded women or if it's just a matter of politics and voters didn't agree? >> equally important in the discussion -- those are two unique states. connecticut which is a very strong democrat state and ms. mcmahon didn't connect with women voters, whether it's the wrestling background or the money she spent. in california two significant women. california is a 3-2 democrat registration advantage, very tough states where i grew up the start of my politics. i think all the money they spent, particularly whitman, people got very tired of it. they thought she was sort of buying her way into the game as opposed to basically working her way through the system. she again had a nanny -- not a nanny but a housekeeper problem
3:23 pm
and basically acted fairly insensitive when she let her go and turned off the latino community more so than normal and i think it hurt her terribly in the campaign. box ser a tested candidate. i ran against her six years ago. she's like the great white whale for me. i've been trying to beat her at something since 1982. she represented my home district. she's a very tough candidate. >> let me put this back to you, ed, in terms of women. money aside. but this has been a net loss for women in congress. is it just simply because most of the women were democrats? >> they were. and they -- you know, the good part is women get treated like anybody else in the game today. they have to run as good a campaign and can get defeated if they get out of touch with the voters. my sense is we're making great progress. we had significant women on our side against elected yesterday, the governor of arizona and south carolina. the bottom line women get in the game today.
3:24 pm
they run good campaigns they can win. but you've got to have women voters. if you don't have women voters and turn off to you for some reason you're not going to win. >> jessica, i see you nodding. i want you to answer and then we'll move on to obama here. you're nodding. >> reporter: i'm nodding. these women didn't score well among women. and that's something they have to focus on. i agree, ed is dead on. it's all local. barbara boxer runs a great campaign but meg whitman failed to connect in a fundamental way with voters because she wasn't simultaneously both soft and strong. it's something women expect of other women but men somehow just allow women to be tough and ambitious a little more easily. that's one point. the other point we did expect to see a surge of conservative women this year. we saw a few. susanna martinez win for governor in new mexico and mary fallon. it was not the wave of women some had predicted. >> ed, to you.
3:25 pm
america voted for change 2006, 2008 and now 2010. was this election a referendum on the president? >> certainly it was. certainly it was on his policies. it was his coalition that didn't work, broke up. several states that he had in the 2008 column are not there today. virginia for one, ohio, pennsylvania. if you're trying to put 270 electoral vote, david axelrod in the white house and got a yellow pad trying to add up to 270 you're short today. >> we have a democratic senate, a republican-controlled house. is this just huge gridlock or debate a healthy thing? >> the country will not allow gridlock. >> go ahead, ed. ed is saying the country won't allow gridlock. jessica, do you agree? >> they have shifted three times now in three elections and my sense is if we don't get the ball moving forward they'll turn on us in a moment too.
3:26 pm
>> how are we getting the ball rolling, jess? >> reporter: one thing i'd add i saw harry reid at a press conference today and he echoed the same theme it's time for compromise but his message was essentially it's up to the republicans to compromise because they keep saying no. so you kind of wonder where is the movement here. somebody has got to give. someone has got to blink for people to start working together and you don't see it yet. >> jessica yellin, ed rollins, i wish we had more time. i have about ten more questions for both of you. thank you. coming up, we need to talk about terror in the mail. they're not letters. they are packages here. for two days in greece, simply mailed bombs from athens. we're going to tell you who the targets were and who the senders might be. plus, the fed trying to boost the economy. everyone has been talking jobs, jobs, jobs, in this election cycle. did they change the interest
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. checking our top stories, of course following dramatic losses by democrats in congress, the president is commenting on midterm election results. did you watch? gop leaders say voters sent a message of discontent. the president says he heard them. >> yesterday's vote confirmed what i've heard from folks all across america. people are frustrated. they're deeply frustrated with the pace of our economic recovery and the opportunities that they hope for their children and their grandchildren. they want jobs to come back faster. they want paychecks to go
3:30 pm
further. and they want the ability to give their children the same chances and opportunities as they've had in life. the men and women who sent us here don't expect washington to solve all their problems, but they do expect washington to work for them, not against them. they want to know that their tax dollars are being spent wisely, not wasted, and that we're not going to leave our children a legacy of debt. >> the president also said he's been doing a lot of reflecting about the decisions he's made to move the country forward. how about this for a financial headline today. the fed trying to give our struggling economy some kind of boost. a short time ago the federal reserve announced it will pump up to $900 billion into treasuries. the move here is known as quantitative easing. basically puts downward pressure on interest rates. pumps all that money kind of like a stimulus plan. the fed is also holding the
3:31 pm
federal funds rate. that's the benchmark interest rate for consumer business loans at historic lows for an extended period of time. jofrp seas, mt. merapi exploded repeatedly today. the volcano spewing a thick cloud of ash all over central java. these have been some of the biggest blasts since it back erupting louisiana month. dozens have been killed by the lava and ash and tens of thousands who live around the mountainous area have been evacuated. many more urged to get away from the danger zone. and to add to the uncertainty, get this, a 6.1 magnitude earthquake hit off of indonesia's eastern coast today. terror dropped into the mail. authorities catch package bombs to several european leaders and embassies in greece. and if al qaeda did not send them as the greek government is saying, then who did? we are going to greece live for the next story.
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all right. we told you we were working on it. we have our senior congressional correspondent dana bash. she has been waiting and trying to get some kind of touch with outgoing speaker pelosi, speaker of the house. dana, there you are. what do you have? what can you tell me? >> reporter: forgive me ahead of time. i'm a little out of breath
3:35 pm
chasing her down the hall. that's her office. it's one she occupies and one john boehner will occupy soon. we were waiting to try to ask her for the first time -- it would be the first chan to get at her about one of the outstanding dramas which is whether or not she'll stay in her position as soon to be minority leader or leave congress and she would not answer our questions. it was fascinating. she went out of her way to avoid us big time. she went down her private elevator in her suite, upstairs, downstairs in the capitol and around to do another network interview which she's doing for this evening and i got to actually ask her those questions and she wouldn't go there. >> so you saw her for a half second before she skedaddled back into the back room in the back elevator. can you just speak to her temperament or how she even appeared? how did she look? >> reporter: she looked pretty much the same as she always does. she was focused. she was on her way to an interview. but she was surrounded by her
3:36 pm
detail, her security, which she often is and always is, actually. but the way that they played this kind of cat and mouse game with us was really interesting. i can tell you behind the scenes, i was told that there was a meeting with her staff. she was not there. but with her staff where they were just trying to say, look, we understand it's a very tumultuous time, it's an uncertain time. morale is obviously terrible for democrats in the house at this time but she will probably make a decision about her future in the next few days. people close to her insists that hasn't happened yet. if it has, she hasn't told anybody except perhaps her family. signs are that she might stay but i've got to tell you it's still 50/50 on what she might do. >> bottom line, we don't know yet at least publicly what her next move is. work those sources. see what you can get. appreciate you tossing on the running shoes and hustling to
3:37 pm
the candidate. also get to this. a developing story out of greece here. the greek government has arrested two suspects in connection with those package bombs found all across athens over the past couple of days. hours ago, greece also stopped all airborne packages from heading out of the country. so why all of this happening? this is coming after several packages containing bombs were discovered. the packages were addressed to european leaders. i want to bring in cnn's ivan watson live for us in greece. ivan, from what i've been reading -- i know you have more information than i do. one of the big headlines is all of these different package bombs do not seem to be coming from al qaeda. >> reporter: no, absolutely. and greek officials are try to underscore that point. they're describing this as homegrown greek terrorists. the number of packages they were able to put into the system is
3:38 pm
significant. 13 according to spokesman for the greek police. they were sent to a number of destinations, a wide range of embassies here in athens from the embassy of bulgaria to the embassy of mexico and chile. and then out of the country headed to the chancellor of germany, the prime minister of italy, to the european court of justi justice. as you pointed out, two people suspects were detained on monday downtown here in athens. they were young men, age 22, 24, greek citizens carrying letter bombs, carrying glock pistols, one of them carrying a wig. they are two of the chief suspects they say. and what they say is, again, a homegrown terrorist cell. >> homegrown terrorists in greece. let me follow up with this question. we eluded to it in the lead. what is greece doing to try to keep some of these -- if there are to be if you tour packages. let's assume not all of the arrests have been made.
3:39 pm
what is greece doing to make sure future packages don't get to intended targets? >> reporter: well, they took this very serious measure of stopping all international air mail. that's pretty extreme. they've also put out warnings of course to the embassies that have been receiving these packages. and they are looking for additional suspects and undoubtedly integrating the two suspects they've brought in already. a point to bring out here is that this is coming just a few days ahead of elections here in greece. on sunday, municipal elections all across the country, the xwrek prime minister coming out and saying that democracy cannot be terrorized and some terrorist experts here do think that this was a symbolic effort to try to destabilize greece, which has gone through a series of crises over the last several years. mainly the financial crisis here that a lot of people here are struggling with right now, losing jobs, seeing their pensions reduced and the
3:40 pm
retirement age pushed back several years. >> absolutely. i remember all the protests with regard to the budget, the mess. but thank you for pointing that out. this very much so could be timed for those elections. ivan watson for us in athens. thanks, ivan. did marijuana pass california's ballot vote or did it, allow me the pun, go up in smoke? a roundup of that and some pretty other interesting ballot measures. that's ahead. also now that congress looks very, very different today than it did just hours ago with a new house republican majority, what lessons have we learned really about voters here and how will all of this change affect you? that discussion is next. bolt by bolt, car by car,hevrog out of the very best america had to offer. ingenuity. integrity. optimism. and a belief that the finest things are the most thoughtfully made -- not the most expensive. today, the american character is no less strong.
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welcome back to "cnn newsroom." you know the big lesson from tuesday's election is change works both ways. republicans walked away with the house of representatives and gained at least six seats in the u.s. senate. say that five times fast. voters are telling washington to change course. but will washington listen and will the new congress result in real change or will it bring washington really to a grinding halt? jay newton-small is a congressional correspondent for "time" magazine. if you had to pick one race, what was your biggest surprise? >> one race, that's tough. i guess that lisa murkowski looks to be pulling it out in alaska. the first write-in victory potentially since 1954 and strom thurmond.
3:44 pm
that's a big deal. >> that is a big deal. we're still waiting for the official word but it perhaps does appear that way. the latest numbers she's sitting at 41 percentage points. the other big headlines is republicans picked up about 60 seats in the house. this has been the biggest democrat repudiation since world war ii. you and i were talking yesterday and you were mentioning how there will be several big, long, long-term democrats here who will be out and you were correct. so let me just ask you this. what message are voters sending by this vote? >> i think voters are saying time is up, we need change. we weren't kidding around the last two times when we said we wanted change and you weren't listening to us and it's time to actually work together to stop a lot of this on the hill. that's the irony is voters want people to work together, yet they keep picking people who are even more bombastic, even more sort of drastically partisan. so it's a bit of a conundrum
3:45 pm
because you can't get get along, go along to get along if you're hyperpartisan. >> people talk about fears of gridlock. i was talking to ed rollins earlier. he said no gridlock. some people are wondering if there will be two years of nothing or is debate like i heard rand paul this morning senate-elect saying debate, mixture of opinions, it's a good thing. >> certainly there's a good thing to have an open-air debate and that's something potentially you could argue. republicans have argued that congress has lacked in the last few years. that they've jammed bills through without enough debate and not enough committee time to mull over the minority opinions and other opinions. at the same time, you need to get something done at the end of the day and actually pass legislation. and there isn't a whole lot of sort of ground area of agreement for democrats and republicans heading into the next legislative year.
3:46 pm
certainly on immigration reform, on spending. there's fundamental differences between these two parties. >> so let me just follow up on that. given all the legislative differences, though, how much change will we see? what -- i don't know if you could even answer what they could get done but they have to get something done. >> well, the government is not going to shut down or hopefully they will not shut the government down as they did with the republican revolution in 1994 but you have to keep funding the everyday functions of the government. that's at the very minimum. but rough going to get comprehensive immigration reform done? i don't think so. at the same time are they going to repeal health care reform? no. because democrats still control the senate and the white house. but i think the biggest change you're going to see right off the bat is frankly oversight. you're going to see house republicans start to issue subpoenas on the obama administration. and that's something that's going to be dominating headlines from the first two months out. not necessarily what agreements
3:47 pm
they can come to on legislation. >> interesting. what about john boehner, presumptive house speaker. curious if you think he's upset his party did not gain control of both houses or maybe deep deep deep down he's kind of thrilled to be the lone republican sheriff in town if you will, perhaps he can use the senate and use the president as scapegoats if his legislation doesn't go through. >> i think -- i'm sure boehner would say he'd always want more republican victories than not. i don't know what he's thinking deep deep deep down. but there's certainly a lot of pressure on him as now the number three in the government essentially behind joe biden in case anything happens to obama and he becomes the face, the face of the republican party. it's now a two-person town rather than a one-person town with just obama. that's a lot of pressure for him. he's trying the best he can to sort of decentralize that pressure and say, no, it's not about me.
3:48 pm
and he learned the lessons of newt gingrich who for newt when he came in it was all about him and that angered his caucus or his conference. boehner is doing the opposite saying, no, it's not about us. it's about them. it's about what they need to do to change and trying to sort of throw it back at the democrats rather than focusing on himself. >> he says it's not all about me but i tell you what, a lot of eyes on him no matter what he's saying. what a great assignment covering congress. thanks for joining me again today. for some people, the thrill of victory is just too loud. look at this little guy. someone get some ear plugs for little mr. rubio. you've got to see this. >> you can see a surge of that angry tide of voters. >> i think it's not only going to be a political tsunami in the house. >> there's a tsunami coming towards washington. >> there's a tea party tidal wave coming. >> oh, brother, did you notice all this? were the midterms a tsunami or earthquake or bloodbath, a
3:49 pm
reckoning? [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty ♪ of thee i sing [ laughs ] ♪ oh, land ♪ where my fathers died ♪ land of the pilgrims' pride ♪ from every mountainside ♪ let freedom ring ♪
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
3:52 pm
you know one thing you can always count on in the elections, you hear lots of cliches and metaphors. this time around definitely did not disappoint. politicians, pundits, tv anchors? went beyond the usual disastrous metaphors like landslides or massacres or floods. here's a little something we dubbed midterm metaphor madness. >> ready for that tsunami? >> we see a surge of that angry tide of voters. >> i think it will not only be a tsunami in the house. >> there's a tea party tidal
3:53 pm
bank coming. >> a blood bath going on right out here. >> thanks to a republican tidal wave that swept democrats out of power from coast to coast. >> that is what leads to is tsunami. >> tonight, there's a tea party tidal wave. >> and we're going to get closer and closer to knowing if it's going to be a wave, a tidal wave, a tsunami orring in. >> republicans ride a tidal wave of discontent. >> a republican tidal wave. >> i can feel the ground shaking here because there's an earthquake election. >> politic call earthquake. >> enjoy that? hope so? george w. bush has been quiet. remember him? his memoir is coming out and we're learning about his eight-year presidency and how he came close to dropping dick cheney from the 2004 ticket. bet you didn't know that. it's coming up. ything.
3:54 pm
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3:56 pm
>> florida republican marco rubio's win in senate caused a huge emotion last night. naturally the crowd became ecstatic when the voting results came in. were they little too much for one little guy? you got to see this. take a look -- this picture, senator elect, there he is on the left side celebrating the big night. joined by his adorable kids. well, you can see the cheers from theapparently were too loud for the little guy there. he had to cover his ears. on to los angeles where two women stole a scene right out of the movie "thelma and louise." they're not just accuse of stealing here. the green suv flying along. the pair led the police on this dangerous high-speed chase through, of course, los angeles. spinning out. there go the wheels. driving on the wrong side of the road. hit four cars before spinning out of control. maybe they were just trying to
3:57 pm
make it to the polls to vote? no excuse, ladies. so how is the new congress going to affect the president's agenda? more of what's ahead and politics moving toward 2012. as wolf blitzer likes to say, today is day one on the road to the white house. wolf joins me next on the political ticker. .
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
balance of power has shifted on capitol hill. cnn has the best political team in television. cnn equals politics, wolf blitzer at it again at the cnn desk. i'm supposed to ask about politics, but can i ask, did you get any sleep? >> i did. i worked until 3:00 a.m. i walked back to the hotel i'm staying at. i was in the room by 3:30. i fell asleep by 4:00 and got up about 8:00, 8:30 this morning. i got 4, 4 1/2 hours which was good. back on the air at noon.
4:00 pm
and between i had a chance to work out on the treadmill a little bit. >> no, you did not? you hopped on the treadmill after four hours. >> i ran for an hour. >> let's talk politics. you watched -- you covered the president's speech here. he was reflective. he talked about the shellacking. what did you make of this? >> well, it's interesting. presidents can identify with each other. and this president made it very clear. he sort of can identify with the way ronald reagan felt back in 1982, the waybi bill clinton fe in 1994, the way george w. bush fell in 2006. george w. bush at that took a thump. the president took an hour to acknowledge it it took a shellacking. it happens in midterm elections. the question now for the president is how does he rebound? how does he manage to turn it back for himself and the democrats around and get himself re-elected in 2012. it's not going to be easy.
4:01 pm
different play books to go after. the bill clinton triangulate, e center, do the do-nothing congress. he was somber and sad at the news conference today. let's take a look at what's happening. because, it is, as you point out, brooke, the day after the midterms. not that long until iowa, new hampshire, south carolina. the republican primaries are going to be taking place. newt gingrich is getting ready to go to south carolina next month. a whole bunch of republicans viz sitsing iowa, new hampshire, and south carolina. tim pawlenty, maybe even hailey barber, the governor of mississippi. if they want to run for the republican presidential nomination, they have to hire people now, raise money. some of the good staffers will be picked up by others if they don't. they have to make some quick decisions, i suspect we'll see much more of that coming up.
4:02 pm
finally, michael steele. he's going to be in "the situation room," the chairman of the republican party 5:00 p.m. eastern later today. we've got a lot of questions to ask him on this day after. it's interesting -- here he is, the chairman of the republican party. the republicans do great in this election. yet, there are some long knives out there in the republican party against him. don't want him to serve a second term, even though the republicans did so well. we're going to talk about that. the lessons learned as quickly as the political environment, brooke, turned around from 2008 to 2010, guess what? it can turn back around by 2012. >> isn't that the fun part about politics, wolf blitzer? >> that's why we love it. >> we do, indeed. good to see you, getting four hours of sleep and a run. political update for you in half an hour. political ticker update. get the latest information at let's keep it rolling. welcome to the men and women watching right now on american
4:03 pm
forces network all around the world. just talking about this, president obama is saying a whole lot today this past afternoon. talking about the party losing the house, quote, he said, it feels bad. republicans now, a majority in the house but democrats are still in control of the senate. and like wolf mentioned, the president seems -- wolf's word was sad. another word would be reflective. listen. this is something that i think every president needs to go through. because the responsibilities of this office are so enormous. so many people are depending on what we do. and in the rush of activity, sometimes we lose track. we lose track of the ways that we connected of folks that got us here in the first place.
4:04 pm
>> the president did reject the notion that the policies are moving in the wrong direction. and with minority leader john boehner expected to be speaker of the house when the republicans officially take control in january. >> let me say this -- it's clear tonight who the winners really are. and that's the american people. i spent my whole life chasing -- the american dream. [ applause ] >> got a little emotional. soon after the speech, boehner got a call from the president. here's the picture as he was talking to him. taken from the white house. the conversation was brief but pleasant. next, it wasn't all so bad when the democrats still had the majority in the senate and the senate majority leader, nevada's harry reid still in charge. the tea party favorite sharron
4:05 pm
angle to hold on to his seat and he's now looking forward to working with republicans, that's what he's saying, perhaps on one of president obama's most controversial initiatives. >> it's very important. i wish the republicans had worked with us when we did the health care bill. if there's -- if there's some tweaking we need to do with health care bill, i'm ready for some tweaking. >> reid facing a new normal. walking arm-in-arm with nancy pelosi. but it will be john boehner he'll have to meet. senator reid will have to deal with six more republicans than he's used to in the senate. next, one of those republican senators, kentucky's rand paul. there he is, one of the winners backed by the tea party movement. paul says, a divided government, hey! not such a bad thing. a debate will help the government save more money. smaller government, less
4:06 pm
spending. two of the biggest talking points. next, speaking of the other winner, marco rubio in florida. a huge crowd there. he clobbered governor charlie crist who switched sides. it gives the republican party, a quote/unquote second chance. here are some of the questions he'll be facing. how will be tea party movement be represented in congress, question one, question two, what specifically will he propose to gut in the budget. let me sneak another question in. will he spearhead efforts to repeal the health care bill? we'll find out. next, former alaska governor sarah palin backing dozens of candidates including republican niki hailey. she's one of the original mama grizzlies according to palin and the first female governor in the state of south carolina. >> we want government to know
4:07 pm
the value of the dollar. we want job and the economy to come first. this is all about the people saying we have enough. >> niki hailey, i mentioned, back in the tea party movement and sarah palin one of the mama grizzlies. next, forget the politicians for a second. some interesting ballot initiatives across the country. pot, marijuana, weed, whatever you want to call it, it's a no-go in california. voters in california rejected prop 19, which aimed to make recreational use with the ounce of the stuff, they said, legal. now, supporters say it would have supported revenue. critics argue that among other things, it would boost crime. next, believe it or not, in rhode island, the state's name -- the name was up for a vote. the formal name is the state of rhode island and providence plantations. bet you didn't know that. it's on the state seal. many official documents. some argue the word plantations make people think of the slave trade. well, the majority of the voters didn't think so. they voted to keep the word.
4:08 pm
next, to denver we go. e.t. showed up on the ballot. as in extra terrestrials. voters reject add proposal to make the city pay for a study of the ufos under the initiative that they would be able to report ufo sightings on the website and blog about what they're seeing in the skies. 84% of voters said, not such a good idea. finally this, may not have been on the ballot, but a huge vote just took the happy out of the meal. the board of supervisors in san francisco voting to ban mcdonald's happy meals. i know, parents, thinking say it ain't so. specifically here, the measure bans restaurants from offering a free toy with unhealthy meals. maybe you're in favor. they would have to serve fruits and veggies with the toy. the final vote expected next week. if it passes, san francisco
4:09 pm
would become the country's first major city to enforce the rule. mcdonald's calls the decision disappointing. new warnings for you about a deadly tropical depression, toe malice. we're talking about it yesterday, moving on through the caribbean. now haiti is officially on alert. we're going to talk about that ahead. plus, the urgent man hunt under way for the persons -- person shooting at a couple of different military buildings in washington, d.c., virginia area. why can't the feds catch the shooter? and what might the next target be? that's next. should take up something more strenuous. you have different needs and desires. - i'm reading a book. - what's a book? so we tailor plans for individuals, featuring a range of integrated solutions. you at your usual restaurant? son: maybe. see you tomorrow. stairs? elevator. to see how our multi-faceted approach... can benefit your multi-generational wealth, look ahead with us at
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4:11 pm
we have another shooting at
4:12 pm
another military facility. this time it's a coast guard recruiting station in virginia. so if you're keeping tally here as we certainly are, this is five shootings. two weeks. homeland security correspondent jeanne meserve has new information. the fbi has been doing ballistic tests. what have they found? >> they have conclusively linked the latest shooting at the coast guard recruiting station to four previous shootings. they started at the national marine museum at quantico, virginia. one at the pentagon. the second one at the marine museum. then one at the marine recruiting station at chantilly, virginia before the final shooting discovered on tuesday morning at a coast guard recruiting facility in a strip mall in woodbridge, virginia. now, after the first four shootings, which all were connected with the marine corps, the fbi floated the theory this might be somebody with a grievance against the marine corps. they asked the public for help in locating this person. but now with the shooting it the coast guard facility, that may
4:13 pm
be changing their thinking a little bit about who they are dealing with in this instance. now, nobody was hurt in any of these shootings, they have only been bullets fired at buildings. they have all taken place overnight. the fbi is saying nothing of the type of weapon that is involved. they are saying, however, they have no suspects at this point in time, brooke. >> do we have any idea if the fbi thinks the shooter or shooters might be local? >> well, i spoke to an fbi profiler late this morning who said he believes that the person may have some familiarity, particularly with the northern virginia area because although some of these sites are iconic buildings like the pentagon and the national marine museum, the other two are not. to know where that marine recruiting facility was, to know where the coast guard recruiting facility was, that shows a detailed familiarity with the region. that may be one of the more important leads they're working
4:14 pm
with right now, brooke. >> finally, jeanne, there has to be a fear on behalf of the fbi. the shooter stops taking aim at buildings, starts shooting at people. >> well, that is a concern, brooke, that is why last weekend when they ran the marine corps marathon here in washington they did increase security around the runners and around the spectators. there were no incidents, however, everyone has their fingers crossed, of course, that this individual if they do continue with the shootings continues to fire at buildings rather than at people. brooke? >> frightening. jeanne meserve, thank you. the elections, as you know, yesterday, some other races not over yet, including alaska. listen to this, it could be days, dare i say weeks, before we know who won the senate race there? we're taking you to anchorage. let's have that conversation next. news online ♪ ♪ check the wife, check the kids ♪ ♪ check your email messages ♪ check the money in the bank ♪ check the gas in the tank ♪ check the flava from your shirt ♪ ♪ make sure your pits don't stank ♪ ♪ check the new hairdo, check the mic one two ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm about to drop some knowledge right on top of you ♪
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4:17 pm
>> the senate race is not over in alaska. the it may be days, weeks, until we know murkowski beat joe miller. miller's campaign is hinting at a legal challenge if murkowski wins. want to bring in the news anchor who's on ktav-tv in anchorage. what do you know timewise how long until we know who won? oh. >> the good news or the bad news. >> i don't like that you started out with the laugh. >> the dirty little secret last night was the end of the beginning. by the time we figure out who was going to go back to dc for the alaska senate seat, thanksgiving dinner may be in the rear-view mirror.
4:18 pm
let's put it that way. november 29 is when they'll certify things. we had bush-gore, not going to be like that. franken and coleman, it won't get that acrimonious. the battle lines are set. it's a four-letter word for people to be lawyering up and both sides are hunkering down. the bubbles were filled for the quote/unquote write-in candidate and last night in my coverage i did the bunny ears with my fingers because who knows who the write-in is, although we can assume. it's a long way to go. >> we can play the if game. play this with me. if murkowski wins, she would be the second running candidate in history to win a senate seat, all the way back to 1954 strom thurman was the last write-in who won and the last time, a little trivia, the giants won the world series. talking the new york giants. so miller, though, so far, we
4:19 pm
eluded to this legal challenge if murkowski wins. is that what you're hearing. and on what grounds would they challenge her? >> between here and certification, this might be -- if you want to go historical as strom thurman and the fail ee ex xi-crat ticket, it's the highest stakes spelling bee in american history. how many people with successfully -- 41% of people can fill in a bubble. now we're going to find out how many can put nine letters together that somewhat resemble "murkowski." if that is the case. if that's the write-in intent. and we have lawyers from both sides. and it's safe to say that the murkowski side will have a forgiving approach when it comes to spelling. and the miller people -- we know
4:20 pm
for a fact -- and i sat down from last night, the lieutenant governor oversees election said the word is "lenient," we don't know what lenient means. the lawyers out there will say, we'll have one letter to be off or two letters to be off or if it's purely phonics, it could get fairly ugly. the people i was talking to last night, done election law in the past, even though write-ins were unprecedented. murkowski needed a seven-point, eight-point cushion to really have this thing secured and she doesn't have that right now. and now it's going to be parsing at infinitum at absurdness. this might be one of many conversations we have about murkowski-miller. >> scott mcadams running in the
4:21 pm
race. how did he do? >> extreme -- honestly, on primary night, if you -- if you wanted to take and say pick the mayor of alaska out of this lineup, and there were two, three, four people, a lot of people wouldn't have been able to do it. tom mcadams made a strong run. he built a name for hymn. a positive campaign. towards the end, he had to take some swings, everybody does. the -- the frustrating thing was -- and i had this experience with him sitting down with him. he was forced to define himself by who he wasn't. every time i would ask him a point-blank question about how do you feel -- what's your stand on this? he would start out reflectively saying, well, unlike joe, or unlike lisa. he's always on the defense. he was never able to define himself for who he was, just who he wasn't. >> who he wasn't. so he fared pretty well for a little -- >> for a no-name democrat in
4:22 pm
alaska, absolutely. >> absolutely. >> this is another point. go back to the write-in issue. a lot of people don't realize, i personally think it's fascinating. write-in votes, they're only opened and checked if the number of the ballots is close to or exceed the number of votes for the front-runner. which is clearly the case here. so when will they even be opened? >> well, on november 18 we open up the magic envelope. the absentees. a large military community in alaska. going to get those people in. we're going to sit down, we have to look at the numbers, and frankly, you can figure it out. if it is -- if the write-ins are 2%, you don't really study them, scrutinize them, spend man hours on who exactly voted for the green party or the libertarian party or the rent is too damn high party guy. you toss them aside and say, all right, those are the write-in numbers. but the law of the land up here is that if the write-in
4:23 pm
quote/unquote is within .5% of the winner, you have to open them up. right now, at 41%, it's clear that the front-runner, which sets the table where we are right now. >> amazing. november 18, the magic day, the magic envelopes. matt felling for us for katv in anchorage. sure we'll be talking to you again. wanted to get this to you. cnn projecting incumbent senator michael bennett the winner defeating tea party favorite -- republican, ken buck in that race. there's another winner for you this day after election day. now, listen to this -- >> a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words. we've come to take our government back! >> taking our government back. frustrated voters have spoken now that the tea party movement is headed to washington.
4:24 pm
what lessons have lawmakers learned? we're going to drill down on voters' call for change. next. after i got the job at walmart, things started changing immediately. then i wrote a letter to the food stamp office. "thank you very much, i don't need your help any more." you know now, i can actually say i bought my home. i knew that the more i dedicated... the harder i worked, the more it was going to benefit my family. this my son, mario and he now works at walmart. i believe mario is following in my footsteps. my name is noemi, and i work at walmart. ♪ took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39% to 60%.
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4:26 pm
personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke. grassroots movement called by some astroturf. some of the tea party winners and losers. tea party darling, marco rubio rising star taking that three-way florida senate race from meek and crist who ran as an independent. to kentucky, kentucky sending rand paul to the senate. he defeated democrat jack conway. here's a story you knew all about. christine o'donnell lost her
4:27 pm
delaware senate bit to chris coons. a loss there. sharron angle failed to oust senate majority leader harry reid. where do they go from there? we're in unchartered territory. and what impact would it have looking ahead to 2012? the elections. the cnn political producer who followed the movement in the tea party campaign. embedded with them. and john avila who knows a lot too. daily he's a former republican now an independent. so, je, let's talk tea party. i want to begin with you. overall grade. how did they do? any big surprises? >> well, if i had to grade them, if you twisted my arm behind my back and made me give them a grade, i'd say maybe a b. >> twisting. >> maybe a b. they picked up a number of house seats, tea-party backed candidates. and they won some really big races, as you just noted.
4:28 pm
rand paul and others for the senate. but the ones they really really wanted -- harry reid, he's going back to the senate. i just got off of the phone moments ago with amy dry cramere chairman of the tea party express. she said, we're happy about our success but that was one that's a heartfelt loss. they rank a solid b in terms of what they did. >> solid b. same question to you. how would you grade them? and i know a lot of people surprised by the angle-reid race. would you agree? did you think angle was going to pull it through? >> well, all of the polling showed angle around four or five points up until election day. all of a sudden, harry reid won by five points. that ended up not being close, despite the enormous amount of money and the resilience sharron angle showed in the polls. you need to understand that the tea party deserves a huge amount of credit for firing up the base in what is a low-turnout, high intensity midterm elections,
4:29 pm
they made this a historic election for the republican parties. exceeding the gains in the house in 1994, flipping the state legislature. this is a larger game. in the senate level, some of the candidates unable to convert the primary and wins hurt the gop in terms of taking control of the senate. the gop would have had momentum enough to take care of the senate if it weren't for the candidates that couldn't connect with the center of the electorate. >> two big tea party movement winners. struck two different tones here in two different senate elects. talk on the other side. first hear from rand paul then marco rubio. >> i have a message! a message from the people of kentucky. amessage -- a message that is loud and clear and does not mince words -- we've come to take our government back!
4:30 pm
>> we make a grave mistake if we believe they embrace the republican party. what they are is a second chance. a second chance for republicans to be what they said they were going to be not so long ago. >> rand paul defiant and you had marco rubio. humble doctor spoken. so what me sanlg will we hear when we show up to work in washington? >> well, the message that the tea party activists are telling me already. i spoke with mark mechler last night, one of the co-founders of the tea party patriots and members of the tea party express. they're saying, look, the tea party candidates that are going to washington, they will be watching them closely. don't pull out the dancing shoes just yet. we will come for you again if you do not embrace this message
4:31 pm
and adhere to the conversation p constitution. they're warning democrats up for election two years from now. they're basically claiming victory. they had high-profile losses last night. they're saying the fact that more and more candidates embraced their message and ran away from big government spending means that the tea party movement won. they're looking ahead saying they're still watching. >> they're doing the victory rip lap. i want to talk about 2012 in a moment. they're saying, warning, you better embrace us. here we are. how do you see them working in step with the establishment republicans. are they going to break off or fall in line? how will that work? that message is core to helping
4:32 pm
restore the credibility, where it had lost credibility on fiscal issues after a lot of spending under the bush years when they controlled congress. that will be a consistent effort. marco rubio's tone was right, however. this is a tekd chance. if they focus on fiscal issues, they can revive the republican party. if they move off of that message, there's a come uppings to come. >> mama grizzly, sarah palin, do you think she'll do it? >> your guess is as good as mine. on the one hand, high profile wins at least people she backed and endorsed last night. angle didn't get through. a lot on the line for sharron angle and christine o'donnell.
4:33 pm
just the fact that sarah palin we're talking about it now and so many people talking about how she puts herself on the line gives her fuel and currency. the tea party movement embraces her. she's her darling. anyone's guess. she's got wind at her back to do it. >> do you think the tea party when it comes to adding a candidate and challenger to the president, will they have veto power over the establishment republican counterparts or put someone forward from their own party. party loosely in this group. what do you think? >> there are fault lines in the gop that split the party and the establishment candidates. sarah palin is on one side of that fault line. it's important to remember that sarah palin is not on the fault line last night. she can fire up the base and helped some candidates win primaries. but the republican wave last night was a lot bigger than sarah palin.
4:34 pm
and fifthing the questions 2012 whether she's going to run tonight are incidental to the gains made. the supporters who have a high approval rating for sarah palin, they don't translate to support for president. she's a deeply polarizing figure. >> she is. shannon travis and john avalon, awesome conversation. thanks to you both. >> have you heard, george w. bush considered dropping dick cheney from the 2004 ticket? this is just some of what's coming out in his memoirs. book is coming out. the snippets, things you didn't realize. if you hasn't heard by now, change is coming to congress in the color red. what does it mean for you? dana bash back from hustling from nancy pelosi's office is back with our political ticker.
4:35 pm
4:36 pm
4:37 pm
the balance of power has shifted on capitol hill. all the political news with the best political team on television. cnn equals politics. and dana bash joins me from capitol hill. gop on the hill. the maneuvering has begun. >> it's begun bigtime. the new majority leadership. so what we're seeing already all day today is people trying to figure out where they're going to be in the pecking order. we know that john boehner is -- unless something extraordinary happens is going to be the next speaker of the house. so that means that the republican behind him, eric cantor, announced today that he's going to be behind him as the house majority leader. who's going to be the guy in
4:38 pm
charge of counting the votes that number three in the republican leadership. well, kevin mccarthy, he's congressman who has gotten much bigger profile recently because he's recruiting a lot of the republican candidates that ended up winning, he wants to be number three. we're seeing that happen in a big way. one question is whether or not this is going be a prominent woman in this leadership, one woman that's out there, kathy rogers -- kathy morris rogers said she's going to stay in her position. but it's lower on the leadership. second on the ticket, brooke, you remember -- hard to remember anyone not listen to president obama in the last two weeks where he was campaigning, he would tell the story about republicans driving everybody in the ditch and they're sitting at the top sipping slurpees. at the press conference today, he said how about a slurpee summit. he said i like that.
4:39 pm
they're having fun with that on capitol hill here in john boehner's office. i asked what about a slurpee summit? he said as long as the president is working with us, we can all sip -- that's easy. >> say that five times fah. >> sip slurpees together. the new wicked apple flavor sounds awesome. a little bipartisan humor is good. >> let me follow one the slurpee-sipping aside. we were talking earlier about the house speaker. the outgoing house speaker nancy pelosi not doing so much speaking today. what's the deal? where is she? >> she's now back in her office. i can tell you it's right down the hallway. not around by now. she is in her office. one of her soon-to-be former committee chairman are meeting with her. it's to recap what happened earlier, it feels one of the classic tales of trying to get a comment from somebody on capitol
4:40 pm
hill. usually when she goes to an apointment in a room that's around the corner from here, she walked the direct way. walk right down this ham, right around the corner and head in to there. well, there's a huge gaggle, including myself, of reporters all waiting down that hallway outside of her office. she knew that, her staff knew that. she went a round-about route to play cat and mouse with all of us to avoidancing our questions. she was heading over to do an interview with another network. down the elevator, up the elevator. we tried to ask her the question which is what is she going to do? is she going to stay on as minority leader? is she going to leave congress? she wouldn't tell us. we're learned she wouldn't tell diane sawyer who she was doing the interview with either. she smiled and she said, i'll tell you soon. >> soon. >> apparently according to people close to her, she hasn't made up her mind. she hasn't made a decision, but
4:41 pm
we do expect to find out what she's going to do soon. >> there's the story we may not know yet. maybe she doesn't know. soon, i'm sure, we'll get the news from you, dana bash. thank you. i want to remind everybody to get the latest political news at and hop on twitter attic eter twitter@ticker. terror in the mail. no packages for two days in greece after someone mailed bombs from athens. we're going to tell you where the targets were and who the senders might be.
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
these are the top stories today. two suspects are under arrest in connection with the terror plot involving bombs. a string of suspicious packages targeting embassies in greek and germany. they've been intercepted in recent days. other parcels addressed to the
4:44 pm
mexican and swiss embassies have been detonated. greece suspended all outgoing mail temporarily. bombings are not connected to al qae qaeda. >> two greek nationals in custody. a suspected member of a greek militant group. home grown greek terror. police looking for five other men. and stunning images of indonesia's volcano today. this is mt. marapi exploding several times in fact spewing this huge thick gray smoke of ash over central java. dozens of people have been killed after this thing began erupting last month. tens of thousands of people have been evacuated in the mountainous area. and marapi famously unpredictable. that's one of the tough parts here. to add to this uncertainty, the earthquake hit off of
4:45 pm
indonesia's tern coa indonesia's eastern coast today. >> george w. bush giving the world an inside look at the presidency. it's called decision points. it will be released next week. and some interesting details are being revealed, for example. speaking to today show host matt lauer, mr. bush talked about one of the lowest points in his presidency. can you imagine what it might have been? the criticism he received from kayne west in the wake of hurricane katrina. the singer said, quote, george bush didn't care about black people. you remember that? mr. bush said he was disgusted and insulted by the accusation. angry voters looking for change and sent tea party-movement backed candidates to washington. wolf blitzer caught up with some of the new faces here, rand paul. wolf is ahead with details. stay there.
4:46 pm
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so, if you're watching, or really i should say when you're watching our coverage, other networks' election coverages. they're using some of the winners and losers. they're all using metaphors. natural disaster metaphors like tsunamis and hurricanes and blood baths. a lot of you were tweeting about this. i want to read you these tweets over my shoulder. don't forget seismic shift, the gruesome ones, blood bath, slaughter, trample. not pretty if you're on the losing team. and the most overused word -- historical. so, during this historical campaig campaign, just kidding, rick thomson, let's talk about rand
4:50 pm
paul and he talked about how he wants to shake things up in washington. here and admitting tea partiers supporting him are getting their chance. going to listen to some of his conversation with wolf blitzer next. it's true. you never forget your first subaru. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 that i didn't even understand -- i was so naive. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i mean, i still need help. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 but not from some guy that's just going to sell me stuff. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i need somebody who works with me, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 speaks a language i understand, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and basically helps me make better decisions. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 maybe i'm still being naive? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ male announcer ] no hard sell. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no attitude. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no broker-speak.
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in the aftermath of the power shift in washington last night, i want to revisit a quote. this is from senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell. this is from last week. and he said, the single most important thing we want to achieve is for president obama to be a one-term president. wolf blitzer joining me from "situation room." and, wolf, president clinton, you know this, you covered him in '94, i think you were the chief white house correspondent. he lost both the house and the senate. he had to work with the republicans to get something done. when the republicans took charge of the house last night. given what happened to '94 comparing it now to 2010, how might obama fare with one house in his favor? >> well, arguably for -- for president clinton in 1994,
4:53 pm
remember, he was elected in '92 and he suffered a huge setback in '94, the democrats lost control of the house and the senate. arguably for him, it was probably the best thing politically because he turned things around and he got himself in 1996 re-elected when he ran against bob dole. he moved towards the center. he declared the era of big government is over. and he moved towards the center, what he used to call triangulating, the liberal side of the democratic party, the conservative side of the republican party. it worked. he got himself re-elected. the economy is moving in the right direction. there was enormous pressure on the president from newt gingrich and the conservative republicans and they came forward with the contract with america and it forced the president to do some discipline on government spending, balancing the budget. there was a budget surplus in
4:54 pm
the second term of the clinton administration as far as the eye could see. what a difference from today where there's $1 trillion plus annual budget deficit. so there was a remarkable change and it turned out to help president clinton as he went forward with the second two years of his first term and then his second term. >> so we will have to wait and see, i guess, if president obama will fare as well as president clinton did, as you pointed out. wolf blitzer. >> see if he decides to triangulate like that as well. if he follows the bill clinton model or goes another direction. >> watch and wait and see. wolf blitzer, see you here on "the situation room." thank you. some weather news -- we're bracing or the caribbean is bracing for tropical storm tomas. the latest threat now hurtling towards still earthquake ravaged haiti. chad myers has the latest there. stay tuned. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration.
4:55 pm
plus it supports heart health. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit. one a day men's.
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tropical storm tomas devastated haiti here in st. lucia over the weekend. 12 people were killed on that island. many fear the death toll could rise. st. luci a's prime minister has a declaration of disaster and according to fresh water is one of the concerns, tomas lost much of its punch weakening to a tropical depression. now as we said, just got the update. chad myers back to tropical storm strength heading toward, dare i say, haiti. >> yeah, haiti. the jamaica area. and literally it's stopped over the past couple of hours. and because it stopped, it's not being torn apart anymore. and so the shear is gone. so now it has a chance to regenerate. so it's the sinister part of, do you want it to move, do you want it to get out of the way. but the wind is moving it, what's tearing it apart. now that wind is not as strong and now it's a chance to get
4:58 pm
much bigger. here we go. >> we tell you all the time that the end of hurricane season is not you, brooke, but people. the end of hurricane season does not end until the end of november. >> not kidding. >> the end of november. because the water is still very warm. it's not some kind of clock. there's not some kind of -- oh, it's daylight saving time. the hurricanes are all over. can't do that. as long as the water temperatures above about 84 degrees or so, and it's down here, that will continue to make the spin across the area. now, that's what it looks like right now. you don't see any organization with the eye. but what i am finding now, compared to this, which was a mess, i'm finding something right through here where there's a lot more color, a lot more red and purple in the map right there. and, so, that is have been looking at. here's the forecast, where does it go from here? still on the way to haiti. now, you have to remember port-au-prince, right there. and that's the area that these people are living in literally they're living in tents. and that may be a really a nice
4:59 pm
way of putting what they're living in. this is recent stuff. this is right after the earthquake. this is still what haiti looks like. not a lot of heavy equipment. the presidential palace. >> they're still in bad shape. many months, january 12. >> 1.5 million people don't have homes. and don't have anywhere to go if the wind gets to 100 miles per hour. what's there that's a structure. i was telling people on the tour, they come through cnn all the time. when we go out and get the hurricane, we know if we're going to get the eye, where we're going to go next. the crew of 15 people, we take care of them. here's where we're going to go if the winds get strong. there's nothing -- there's nowhere for these people to go. 1.5 million people. the whole earthquake displaced about 3 million people. they think half of them found some type


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